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Individual Membership

A membership license enables you to be a part of a world-class sport system, which has proven success in safely developing talented athletes, coaches, judges and officials. Membership fees support Freestyle Canada and its T/PSOs in developing and managing Freestyle programs and events.

2016-17 membership and insurance are valid until June 30, 2017.

**2017-18 registration opens June 29, 2017.**

To REGISTER or RENEW your membership, select your province or territory from the options below.


License Types

Athlete Licenses

All athletes are REQUIRED to have a current and an applicable license when participating in a Freestyle Canada sanctioned club and in Freestyle Canada sanctioned events. Athlete licenses can be upgraded at any time.

Membership licenses are valid from July 1st to June 31st of each year.

Can Free 1 &2
For entry-level athlete training and for athletes who plan to participate in Jumps & Bumps and Freestylerz programs and inter/intra club competitions.

Can Free 3
For athletes who plan to compete in provincial or national level competitions (e.g., Canadian Open Tour, Jr. Nationals).

Can Free 4 FIS
For athletes who plan to compete in FIS sanctioned events. It includes a FIS license and mandatory Out-of-country Accident Insurance.

Try Freestyle
Temporary athlete license for special introduction to freestyle skiing. This license is only available for approved Try Freestyle events/programs.

FIS License

A FIS license is included with the Can Free 4 license. It cannot be purchased separately. To activate your FIS license, you must :

Once steps 1 and 2 have been completed please allow 5-10 business days for your FIS license to be activated. Once activated, athletes can find their FIS # on the FIS website.

Coach License

Required for all coaches. Coaches must also have current Freestyle Canada Coaching Certifications and a NCCP number.

Coaches can find their NCCP number on the Coaching Association of Canada’s website.

Judge / Major Official License

All judges/major officials that are working with a national level competition (e.g., Sr. Nationals, Jr. Nationals, Canadian Open Tour, etc,.) or provincial level competition are required to have a Judge/Major Official license.

License includes access to the Association of Freeskiing professionals’ (AFP) online resources and judging exams.

If you would like access to AFP’s online judging resources, please send an email to vasb@serrfglyrpnanqn.fxv

Associate License

Required for Club Admins/Registrars, the Board of Directors of a T/PSO or a Club and Parent Volunteers or Level 1 Officials. Includes access to Snowsports Officials Level 1 online training.

Head Coaches do not require this license, if in addition to their coaching duties they do athlete membership checks using the National Database.

Insurance Types

Freestyle Canada provides a number of Sport Accident Insurance Policy (SAIP) options for members. Please review the Need for SAIP (.pdf 357KB), a document that outlines the importance of accident insurance for athletes.

All membership licenses include Liability Insurance (.pdf 52KB).

SAIP is valid from July 1st to June 31st of each year.

Important Accident Insurance Information

  1. SAIP is only valid during Freestyle Canada sanctioned activities and competitions, including travel to and from the location of a Freestyle Canada sanctioned activity, and coverage 24 hours per day during the time period.
  2. SAIP provides tertiary coverage. In the event of an accident, claimants must first claim medical incurred expenses through their Canadian Provincial healthcare plan and private health care plan (e.g., employment medical benefits). SAIP will cover any gaps in coverage or remaining medical expenses in addition to providing worldwide assistance in medical case management.
  3. Members are solely responsible for initiating an in-country or out-of-country claim with AIG. Freestyle Canada will not manage claims on behalf of the claimant (see Insurance Claim Process for Membership).
  4. Out-of-country Accident Insurance is mandatory for FIS athletes. The Can Free 4 FIS license includes out-of-country accident insurance.
  5. Members are able to upgrade SAIP online through the registration system prior to training, competition or international travel.

Types of SAIP

In-country Accident Insurance (Also known as Special Risk Insurance)
Highly recommended, but optional. In some cases, coverage may be limited to a member’s territory/province of residence.

For more information regarding coverage, please review the SAIP Quick Reference sheet (.pdf 222KB).

Out-of-country/Province Accident Insurance
Mandatory for athletes and coaches who travel outside of Canada.

Coverage is extensive and limited to 25 consecutive days of travel from the date of travel departure to the date of return. Athletes may request a coverage extension if travel exceeds 25 consecutive days.

Highly recommended for athletes and coaches who regularly train and compete outside their territory/province of residence where the athlete/coach holds territorial/provincial medical insurance.

$1,000 deductible for any out-of-country claims made to be paid by the claimant.

For more information regarding coverage, please review the SAIP Quick Reference sheet (.pdf 222KB).

Temporary US Accident Insurance
This insurance option is mandatory for athletes and coaches who plan to train a maximum of once per Membership Year in the USA. Coverage is the same as the Out-of-country Accident Insurance, however it is limited to non-FIS athletes for 7 or 14 consecutive days of travel within the USA.

$1,000 deductible for any out-of-country claims made to be paid by the claimant.

Insurance Claim Process for Injured Members

Please review the Insurance Claim Process for Membership (.pdf 62KB), the step by step guide on how to proceed if an accident/injury occurs during a Freestyle Canada sanctioned activity, and how to either have the insurance company pay the expenses directly, or to claim for medical expenses.

Liability Insurance Policy

Covers members up to the amount in the policy if you cause a situation/accident/incident where a third party comes back to sue you, the club, the T/PSO or Freestyle Canada.

For more information, please read the Summary of Comprehensive Liability Coverage (CGL) (.pdf 52KB).


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