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Freestylerz Festival

Can Freestyle Stage: Learn to Train

Ages: 8 – 13+
Focus: Progression of skills

Skiers acquire more advanced skiing skills and learn a variety of tricks and spins.

Coaches are trained through the NCCP certified SUPERCOACH courses to develop skills in Slopestyle/Terrain Park * Tramp/Acrobatics * Halfpipe * Moguls * Skiing * Fitness.

Coaches plan their season to create optimal skill progression and to prepare for club and provincial (Timber Tour) competitions.

Athletes and coaches use the Freestylerz Goal book to plan to accomplish personal skills goals. Athletes who master all of the skills in the Goal Book are prepared to succeed in national level events in the future.

Coaches will create a Freestylerz report, and training recommendations for skiers at the end of the season.

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