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CanFree TEAM

Can Freestyle Stage: Train to Train

The Can Free TEAM Program will provide coaches with guidance to build a year-round training program for their athletes to improve their competitive readiness. While it is important to improve on competitive skills at this stage, competitive performance should only be an outcome. Engaging in the process of developing the skier as a well rounded athlete year-round is what will exude great performances. Increased training hours are needed at this stage to develop each athlete’s long-term potential but more importantly, this will give them the fundamentals needed to perform technical skills safely.

For more information, review the Team Program Scope and Planning Priorities (.pdf 198KB)

Can Free TEAM Athletes

The Can Free TEAM program is designed for Long Term Athlete Development, the Train to Train Stage, which is: Males 12yrs – 16yrs & Females 11yrs – 15yrs.

The Train to Train stage is one of the 2 most important stages of athletic preparation; the other stage is Learn to Train. We can make or break an athlete during these stages; it’s important we plan to succeed.

Can Free TEAM Coaches

Coaches who are working with Train to Train Team athletes should be working on their Supercoach Certification and starting their CompDev Coach Program Training. The Comp Dev program will give the coach all of the in depth knowledge around developing athletes to prepare them for National level of events and introduction to International level events.

Competition Level

Athletes who need the Can Free TEAM Program training are usually doing the following level of Competitions:

  • Interprovincial Events
  • Nationals
  • Provincials
  • North American Competitions
  • Canada Winter Games

Team Toolbox

CFSA has developed age & stage appropriate training tools and resources for the Can Free Team level athlete and their Coaches. See the guidelines below that will be helpful in creating year-round training plans

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