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Kaya Turski

Quick Stats

Discipline: Slopestyle

Age: 31

Birth Place: Montreal, QC

Hometown: Montreal, QC

National Team Since: 2011

Sponsors: Redbull, GoPro, Dragon Alliance

Kaya Turski

A little luck lead to Kaya Turski being introduced to freestyle skiing before this incredible athlete became arguably the most decorated female slopstyle skier in the history of the sport. An avid inline skater during her teens in Montreal, Turski would spend a lot of time hanging out in skate parks with friends.

A rollerblade sponsor took notice of the then 16-year-old and invited Turski to a ski event. At that point in her life, Turski had not been on skis for eight years but all her training on rollerblades had allowed her to develop tremendous air sense, balance, and an understanding of how to jump off ramps.

Turski managed to convince her parents to allow her to move to Whistler at the age of 17 and since then her list of accomplishments are second to none. A trailblazer in her sport, Turski became the first woman to land a switch 1080 during a slopestyle competition. 

Turski also boasts a record eight X Games gold medal, a 2013 FIS World Championship title, and was named AFP World Champion five years in a row. 

  • A record eight X-Games gold medals
  • 2013 FIS World Championship Gold Medallist
  • Five-time AFP Slopestyle World Champion
  • 2014 Olympian

NEWS: The Canadian Slopestyle Queen Announces her Retirement (October 3, 2017). Read more HERE.

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