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TOYO TIRES WINTER PREP: 8 Questions with NextGen Slopestyle rookie Megan Oldham

Oct. 26, 2018

Winter season is just around the corner so Freestyle Canada and Toyo Tires decided to find out how the winners of the 2017/18 Toyo Cup are getting ready for their up-coming competitive season.  


Freestyle Canada has developed a specific ranking system for the Toyo Cup, which will determine the most consistent performer overall, across all of our disciplines, in the Canada Cup Series. At the end of the season, the Toyo Cup, along with a $5000 education bursary will be awarded to the top male and female freestyle skier that finish with the highest point totals overall.

  • $5K education bursaries for top 3 women
  • $5K education bursaries for top 3 men.

The bursaries will be split between the top 3 accordingly: $2500, $1500, $1000 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd


Featured Athlete

Name: Megan Oldham

Sport: Slopestyle

Age: 17

Home club: Mount St. Louis Moonstone

Home town: Parry Sound, Ontario

Current team: Nextgen

Sponsors: Roxy

2017/2018 Toyo Cup Ranking: 2nd


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What is it about your sport that you love (why did you choose your Freestyle discipline)?

The part of slopestyle skiing that I love the most is the adrenaline rush that comes with the sport. The feeling of being in the air and landing new tricks is such a rush!!

What are some of your other interests/passions besides skiing?

Besides skiing I enjoy spending time on the trampoline and helping out at my local gymnastics club as a part time coach. I also love spending time with my family at the cottage during the summer and enjoying activities on the bay especially wakeboarding and cliff jumping. 

What was your top results from last year and how did it happen?

My top result from last year was a 1st place at the Calgary NorAm and it happened based on lots of training on the course beforehand and continuous repetition of the same tricks to make sure I had them on lock for the contest. 

How have you been physically preparing for the up-coming winter season?

I have been physically training for the upcoming winter season by hiring a personal trainer and participating in one-on-one sessions with my trainer once a week. I also got a full-time membership at a local gym, so I can go anytime and work on my strength, agility, balance, etc. I have been involved with the training on snow and dry land training with the Nextgen team since May as well. 

How have you been mentally preparing for the up-coming winter season?

I have been mentally preparing for the upcoming season by keeping my head in a good place and trying to stay positive whenever I am skiing. Also, as part of the Nextgen team we have visits with a sports counsellor who helps us through any personal and sports-related issues/stress to keep our heads clear for competitions. The counsellor also gives individual tips and exercises to keep us calm and focused for training and competitions. 

How much skiing do you do in the off-season and where are some of the places you have gone?

In the off-season, we typically have one or two on-snow camps and two airbag camps. We often travel to Quebec for airbag training and out to Whistler, Switzerland, New Zealand, or Australia for on-snow camps. Besides that, we typically just follow the competitions wherever they take us. 

What are your competitive ski goals for this next ski season?

My competition ski goals for this season are to compete in a few World Cups and make at least one final.

What would you like to accomplish in your ski career?

In my ski career, I would love to be able to one day compete in the Olympics and learn both-way doubles. Besides that, I just want to make sure I enjoy every moment on the hill and spend time shredding with friends. 



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