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Team Aerials Shimao Lotus

Dec. 22, 2019

FIS Freestyle Ski Dual Aerials World Cup took place Sunday at Shimao Lotus Mountain Ski Resort (CHN).

The event consists of ;

  • Teams of three with a  maximum of  two per gender
  • Everyone does one jump to get a total score towards a team score. 
  • Total of 3 scores makes a team score. 
  • Top Team Score wins.

Catrine Lavalee was very excited about her performance. She said “it felt great to finish 8th in the world today “ Kat said she did her best full full and “stomped it.”

Lewis Irving said “it felt good to land a jump in competition today” . It was especially important as it helped to ensure the Canadian Team made finals.

Finishing 4th in the Team event, the Canadians leave China one a high note, ready to spend the holiday with family.

Canadian Results

Men  - Lewis Irving (12th), Felix Cormier Boucher (17th)

Women – Catrine Lavalee (8th)

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