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Coach Pathway

View the Coach Training and Certification Overview (.pdf 677KB) or the sections below:


FUNdamentalz Program

LTAD Stages: Fundamentals to L2T

NCCP Context: Community Coach

Athlete Program: FUNdamentalz

How to get certified as a FUNDAMENTALZ Coach?
  • Attend the technical course
  • Attend the 2 NCCP Modules
  • Complete the on-site evaluation
Competition Introduction Program

LTAD Stages: L2T to T2T

NCCP Context: Competition Introduction

Athlete Program: Freestylerz

How to get certified as a Competition Introduction Coach?
  • Attend the 7 technical courses
  • Attend the 4 NCCP Modules
  • Complete the evaluations
Comp Dev Program

LTAD Stages: T2T to L2C

NCCP Context: Competition Development

Athlete Program: Can Free Team

How to get certified as a Comp Dev Coach?
  • Attend the discipline specific technical course
  • Attend the 6 NCCP Modules
  • Complete the evaluation
Comp Dev Program Overview
Comp High Performance

LTAD Stages: T2C to T2W

NCCP Context: Competition High Performance

Athlete Program: Provincial Academy, National Programs

How to Get Certified as a Comp High Performance Coach:
  • Technical modules not developed yet
  • Programs will be designed on an individual coach basis
  • Coaches will start taking modules through the National Coaching Institute
  • Can work towards the NCI Diploma or the Advanced Coaching Diploma: ACE
  • NCI Trains the coach, NSO certifies the coach

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