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Commercial General Liability Insurance


FREESTYLE CANADA will provide CGL Insurance to all member Clubs, provided that member clubs agree to follow the Canadian Snowsports Association’s (CSA) Risk Management Manual, the Ski Resort’s policies, the Dry-Land Training Facility’s policies (e.g., trampoline or gym facility, etc.,) in addition to the T/PSO’s and FREESTYLE CANADA’s policies.

CGL Insurance is valid from July 1st to June 30th of each year. It is valid only during FREESTYLE CANADA Sanctioned Activities.

For more information in regards to coverage, read the CGL Insurance Summary.


Name Type Size
PDF: Risk Management Manual 114.8 KB
PDF: Policy for Trampoline, Air Bags, Water Ramps 27.1 KB
PDF: Summary of CGL Coverage 37.1 KB
PDF: Trampoline Policy Update - June 2019 392.1 KB

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